The LIFE+ program finances projects that contribute to the development and implementation of environmental policy and legislation. In particular, this programme facilitates the integration of environmental issues into other policies, and, more generally, it contributes to sustainable development.
LIFE+ is open to public or private bodies, actors or institutions registered in theEuropean Union. Project proposals can either be submitted by a single beneficiary orby a partnership which includes a coordinating beneficiary and one or severalassociated beneficiaries. They can be either national or transnational, but the actionsmust exclusively take place within the territory of the 27 Member States of theEuropean Union.

The LIFE+ programme is divided into three thematic components:

LIFE+ "Nature and biodiversity"
  • Best practice and/or demonstration projects contributing to the implementation
    of the objectives of the Birds and Habitats Directives (Council Directives
    79/409 EEC and 92/43/EEC).
  • Demonstration and/or innovation projects contributing to the implementation of
    the objectives of the Commission Communication COM (2006) 216 final:
    "Halting the loss of Biodiversity by 2010 – and beyond".
LIFE+ "Environment Policy & Governance"
  • Demonstration and/or innovation projects related to any of the "priority areas
    of action" set out in the document "LIFE+ Environment Policy and
    Governance, Guidelines for applicants 2010".
  • Projects contributing to the monitoring of the environmental status of forests
    within the European Union territory.
LIFE+ "Information & Communication"
  • Information and communication actions and awareness raising campaigns related to the implementation, updating and development of European environmental policy and legislation set out in chapter 2 of the present guidelines.